The UX-portfolio of Ulf Winroth

Ulf has worked as a usability specialist and UX analyst for the past 25 years. His work has mainly focused on assignments and teaching in the areas of strategic UX, User Research, Services Design, Design Thinking, requirements, and interaction design. Ulf does not really work with graphic design.

But since many demand portfolios, he has put together one here with a few examples of assignments he has carried out during the years.

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Scandic Hotels

Case: As responsible UX-designer Ulf has worked to improve and optimize the web and app of Scandic Hotels. The main focus has been on the user experience of the core functionality – The booking flow. 

Examples of tasks he has worked with:

  • Optimazation of booking flow
  • New functionality to present member discount
  • Solutions to recruit new members to Scandic Friends. 
  • Improve the overall Interaction design
  • Interaction design of new third party solution for online booking of conferences
  • User test of prototypes in Figma

Brain Space & the “YouMe” app

Case: Brain Space is a start-up company working to help couples to improve and improve their relationships by the YouMe app. The app helps out with personality analysis and tips on how they can improve communication and more. 

The assignment was to carry out UX – analysis, and review of the entire YouMe app regarding:

  • UX overall
  • Interaction design
  • Information design
  • Graphic Design

Assignment deliveries:

  • Analyzes
  • Recommendations
  • Solutions

Assignment results:

  • Higher quality of design and content
  • Higher focus and precision of structure and functions
  • Higher focus on value for end-users
Unclear brand
To much text
Focus on
target groups
Clearer brand
Inconsistently design
Unclear functionality
New structure
New function
Clear design
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New website for the Authority for Participation (Myndigheten för delaktighet)

Case: The authority started up a project to create a new website. The demands were high in the area of UX and accessibility.

Prior to the development of a new website for the agency, Ulf worked on developing strategic UX guidelines, impact goals, overall service design, and requirements through a number of interviews and workshops with the staff as well as with external target groups.

The major challenge was the communication within the project group and creating an understanding of the best practice of how to work with UX.  

Ulf also worked on developing wireframes and reviewing initial graphic design sketches.

New platform at Sveriges Akassor

Case: Sveriges Akassor needed to change the technical platform for handling and services for the unemployed. This meant that all UIs, Interaction design, etc had to be redesigned and remade. One major challenge in the project was the choices of the platform. It´s foremost a product management system and not really good working as a CMS with external services. 

Ulf was responsible for leading the work on developing agile UX, updating the present Personas, mock-ups, wireframes, interaction design, prototypes, and service design during the development of “My pages”. This is the service that job seekers use to, among other things, report time and other matters with the respective unemployment funds.

During a period he also worked as SCRUM master. 

His work also included the initial work on developing wireframes and UI concepts for the administrators.

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Product Owner at Scania

As a product owner, Ulf was responsible for agile management (Lean), requirements, and development of Scania’s two extranets for Maintenence shops and Retail companies. 

In addition, Ulf led the change of the service-oriented work processes according to Lean and visual planning.

He has also conducted several workshops with the aim of creating a creative environment for continuous improvement work as well as leading a workshop series with the aim of developing initial concept ideas,  requirements, and objectives for Scania’s upcoming intranet.

New Intranet for Kronofogdemyndigheten

Ulf worked on developing requirements specification and interaction design solutions for the new intranet for Kronofogdemyndigheten.

The assignment also included conducting workshops and anchoring meetings with reference groups such as administrators and other internal target groups.

Exempel på en sidas design, Intranätet. Tillhör Ulfs portfolio
Exempel på en persona, Henry SMith, 43 år och säljare

New documentation platform for ITT Flygt

For several years, Ulf was responsible for and carried out several different international target group analyses, usability tests, and operational analyses.

One of the deliveries was to develop Personas for a user of ITT Flygt’s technical documents.

 A new “Web Universe” for Vattenfall

Ulf worked as a UX strategist, and project manager in the project to develop a new website for Vattenfall.

During the assignment period, Vattenfall developed a completely new design for all its external websites (then six countries) with very high requirements of usability and accessibility.

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